Patience - and what I've learned about it.

Patience is a virtue… Ironically, patience is one of the hardest lessons I’ve had to learn while being in this city (NYC). You would think that coming from a beach town, I would have a slower pace in life. Well I’ve found that being a triple Leo and having ADHD do not help in any case. But it definitely doesn’t mine.

I don’t know if I can speak for any other 22 year olds. But I do know that “Gen Z” is hellbent on success. So mixing mild ADHD, triple Leo, and Gen Z culture: I become very exhausted and agitated in life - almost loosing hope for the reasons you even started the game! I’ve had to remember that the little wins matter! And that success comes in many forms and events in its own way. Looking back, I see all of the wins and no foundation. When really last night, I realized how much my resume and portfolio had grown since moving to NYC 6 months ago. My main point is that PATIENCE is KEY. 

Whoever is reading this and chasing their dream occupation, starting that non-profit, creating a new life, moving out, moving countries, or falling on their face. I hear you, and I love that you are being fearless like I am. You are doing great. Just don't forget to be patient.

- Jordan ❤️

Photographer 📸 @tomerkatzav_